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Ultimate School Manager is All in one School management software that you need to manage your School and Colleges

Most secure and customizable software suited to all level of Schools and Colleges. Ultimate School Manager is easy to use and intuitive to use.



Cloud Based




All in one School management software you ever need it

The USM product suite helps meet both today’s and tomorrow’s business challenges by bringing school-first, intelligent technologies to managing your most valuable assets: your employees and students.

Ultimate School Manager Provides 50+ Premium Modules

The USM product suite helps meet both today’s and tomorrow’s business challenges by bringing school-first, intelligent technologies to managing your most valuable assets: your employees and students.

  • core HR

    Core Modules

    Academic Management
    Student Management

    core HR

    Resource Planning

    Build to anticipate your
    current and future manpower

  • core HR

    Employee/HR Management

    Employee Joining/Exit
    Employee Attendance & Payroll

    core HR


    Error-free payroll processing. Maintain full
    control of payroll at every step of the process

  • core HR


    The USMConnect ensures that there is an unbreakable communication.

    core HR

    Data Management

    With the USM’s Data Management, the complete process is automated.

  • core HR


    Available integration with various applications like SMS, Online payment etc.

    core HR

    Academic Planner & Learning

    Provides ease of lessong planning.
    Tracking of lessons/topic progress

  • core HR

    Learning Management

    Provides ease of planning
    Facilitates learning

    core HR

    Fee & Finance Management

    The fee collection in a school can be simplified and digitized with USM.

  • core HR

    USMConnect Mobile App

    Magical features to stay connected with institutions for teachers/students

    core HR

    Attendance & Leave Management

    USM manages leave application, granting, and tracking in the same software.

  • core HR

    Assessment Test

    Assessment Test for admission and recruitment & Quizes.

    core HR


    Manage and track job openings.
    Applicant Assessment Test

USMConnect mobile app fledged with features


A Complete One-Stop ERP software solution for educational institutes and parents

  • School Calendar
  • Attendance Report
  • Notice-board
  • Exam Report
  • Notifications
  • Library
  • Institution Fees
  • Gallery

The Next Generation School Management Software is here.

A complete suite of tools designed to make life easier with top qualities modules and UX.

Simple and Easy
to Use

School ERP Software

Extremely Easy
to Customize

Ultimate School Manager: A Complete, One-Stop Software Solution for Every School!

Ultimate School Manager has a huge variety of modules and features to manager your school. Ultimate School Manager is available at a cost-effective price with the best of services. Schools of any size can easily choose from different packages of Ultimate School Manager solution and services for better school management..

The Most Customizable Template
6 reasons


Why you should choose

Ultimate School Manager

With Ultimate School Manager your satisfaction is guaranteed.

We have selected the 6 top reasons to choose Ultimate School Manager. Check below:

Speed Performance

EASY TO Implement and Use

USM is well sufficient and useful in the modern times of technology and education. USM delivers the user a smooth experience by providing various user-friendly modules. It’s Graphical User Interface has been designed for the variety of users likes students and their parents, which is efficient and effortless.It's easy to work on USM software on your first login without any instructions all you need is the basic knowledge of working on a computer.

Speed Performance


USM is highly affordable for any educational institute. It provides various feature in minimum cost possible. Schools and colleges of any size can easily afford USM and its services.

Speed Performance

A MOBILE APP For Schools and Parents

USM has built an efficient mobile app called USMConnect for parents and students, which is easily accessible. Notifications regarding school activities are instantly sent to the parents via mobile app. Teachers are also updated with affairs of the school with the USM app on their mobile phones. Both parents and students have their own individual login access to USM, which allows them to view their dashboard from anywhere in the world with just one click

Speed Performance

THE BESTUser Experience

USM is highly user friendly. People from any age group can easily operate the USM software for various purposes. A teacher, student or a parent can effortlessly use the software for day to day school activities. An user can use the software with minimal training. All the features of the software are easily accessible without much navigation.

Speed Performance


The data that is fed in the software is secured in 32 bit ssl encryption. Data security is USM's prime motive along with data backup. We offer every school full privacy to their data as the data is fully encrypted while being stored in USM. USM's online payment integration is secured and anyone can easily use it without any worry.

Speed Performance

ALWAYS KEEPSoftware Updates

The software is updated frequently. Latest updates are introduced to the software based on the requirement of its users. New features and functionality in the form of new modules are frequently added to enhance USM. The updates of the software goes hand in hand with the evolving time. And since software is hosted in the cloud, any small change will be available to the user from time to time. Any new feature added to the software can be easily available without any issue.

How Are We Better

Excellent ERP and Learning Solutions for
your school and students

Every software process is developed with complete detailing with an aim to provide transactional ease & help to customers in achieving intended objectives.

Fully Integrated Solutions

Fully Integrated Solutions

Incorporates all possible tools into one to improve experience into a single integrated solution.

Capture Everything

Capture Everything

Grabs all possible events in the school life cycle, enabling insights & information for inclusive & comprehensive decisions

Compatible in Nature

Compatible in Nature

Real time metadata & access to business intelligence helps guide inexperienced decision makers

Easy to Deploy

Easy to Deploy

Easy deployment removes the need of expensive professional support for training.

How We Do

Understanding Business

We begin by listening carefully to our customers, understanding your technology challenges and business objectives, and aligning our resources toward the customers' needs.


Preparing solutions on the basis of Analysis, which can be easily understand and ready to provide hidden facts and figures.

Proposal Submission

On the basis of our detailed analysis we submit the business proposal that consists of 3 P's (problem statement, proposed solution and pricing information)

User Acceptance

We offer services for deploying the application at your test environment for acceptance testing. Services also include assistance in product launch at beta sites and the production environment.


To mitigate any project risk, we prepare concise and thorough requirements document and share it with stakeholders. We follow the hybrid onsite-offshore model during the execution.

Support 24/7

We provide services for ongoing releases, maintenance, enhancements and support because prioritization of enhancements to yield ROI and customer satisfaction is our top most priority.

We're not the only ones excited happy about Ultimate School Manager...

Meet our customers.

Happy Clients Feedback

What schools say about our

Our stakeholders’ views are the guiding factors for us to keep moving in the right direction. Their precious words of appreciation are hallmark for us and our bona fide work.


It is indeed a great move to implement Ultimate School Manager at “Anant Utsav School”. The services and support by the USM team is always appreciative. USM helps in reducing the paperwork to a great extent and provides high data security. It also provides a variety of reports that are highly relevant and flexible. All the modules have unique and specific features which ultimately save time and help us to be more advanced through technology. I personally have explored all its features and find each of them to be up to the mark and of a global quality standard. We strongly recommend USM to any school as they cater to the needs of the institution as a whole.

Mrs. Deepti Saran
Anant Utsav School, Bhopal.

Ultimate School Manager (USM) is an ultimate school software for CBSE schools and it is just the tool the school needed to automated everything and it fit right into our budget. In this school USM has effectively smoothened various school processes like Admission, Attendance, Fee Management and many more. It has strengthened, simplified and streamlined data management and communication. Even though we had another software, we shifted to this new one due to the following facts: less expensive , user friendly and timely support from the company. We are fully happy with the software and support of the company.

Mr. George Sebastian
Founder & Principal
St Joseph's School, Birsinghpur Pali.

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